No Boil Gluten Free Beer Kits

Brewers Choice developed the original home brew gluten free beer kits.  We are now happy to announce that after extensive testing, we have developed a new No Boil Gluten Free Beer kit. While our Golden Ale was a great tasting beer, the one hour time needed to make it was a definite inconvenience. However, the No boil kit takes little more than 5 minutes to make. As long as your fermenter is clean and sanitised, it is simply a process of pouring the kit into the fermenter, filling it with water, sprinkling the yeast on top and sealing it up. No more boiling, adding three lots of hops and cooling the wort. It couldn’t get simpler. And the flavour is still the same great Golden Ale flavour based on Amarillo and Cascade hops.

Best of all, the kits cost just $54.95 and makes two and half cartons of GF beer for less than the price of a carton of commercial beer!

If you have thought about trying one of our gluten free beers, now is the time,

If you are still unsure, read what some of our customers have to say about the beers:

Hi David,
I have just made my first no boil gluten free beer. It’s so simple to make. So much easier and just amazing. It is fermenting beautifully and I can hardly wait to drink it in 3 months time as I always give the beer that time to fully mature in the bottle. Congratulations Brewers Choice on your new product

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