The Boot Pale Ale

The boot pale

Hydrometers Vs Refractometers

There are many ways to improve your brewing process. Of all of the measurements you can take, one of the easiest is measuring the specific gravity of your beer. Any brewer worth his wort understands that measuring gravity often, is key to producing consistently high quality beer. Measuring gravity properly will help a brewer do […]

Graeme’s Irish Milk Stout

Alembic Dome & Condensor

Do you like single malt scotch? How about a clean, sweet rum? Or maybe you want to experiment with your own unique gin recipe… First and foremost, let me state that the copper alembic dome and condensor is very different to the Turbo 500 reflux column. The copper alembic dome and condensor is an old-fashioned […]

Popcorn Frappe

The Artisanal Spirits Process (Cuts)


Thai Terror

Pineapple Dark Rum

EXTRACT – ‘Fresh & Clean’ – US West Coast-Style IPA

EXTRACT – ‘Sweet & Juicy’ – Australian-Style IPA

Mangrove Jack’s Dual Temperature Controller

Gladfield Catalogue 2017

Making Your Own Clear Belgian Candi Syrup

Many home brew recipes for Belgian beers call for Belgian Candi Sugar.  Candi sugar is used because: It boosts the alcohol content without adding body. It promotes fermentation by providing simple sugars that are easier for yeasts to consume. Depending on the amount you add and the color of the candi sugar, it can impart additional […]

Belgian Dubbel (Fresh Wort)

Café Patrón

Stainless Steel Filter vs. EZ Filter

Brewers Choice offers two types of Filters, the EZ Filter and the Stainless Steel Filter.  Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article will try to give you a new perspective on both.  Note: Spirits cannot be filtered properly at high percentage rates. 40-50% is recommended as you need to treat the finished product […]

Tennessee Jack’s Honey Bourbon Liqueur

Monty’s Black Beer

Espresso Martini