The Queensland Home Brew Conference


I know it’s been nearly three weeks since the conference, but when you spend so much time planning and organising an event like this, it takes nearly as much time to catch up on everything else afterwards.

As I mentioned in my last post, the conference was a huge success – feedback from everyone was very positive and it seems everyone had a great time.  The biggest complaint was that people couldn’t attend every session, because we had some break-out groups that ran concurrently with the main sessions.   At this rate, we will have to make it a 2-day event, and I will quietly pass away in some corner during the conference from exhaustion, but at least it will be with a smile on my face and an excellent beer in my hand!
For a round-up of the event, rather than me writing how good it was, check out the review posted by someone who attended.  It’s up on our Facebook page ( and is a pretty good, though slightly drunken, review of the day.
From my point of view, the best thing about the conference was the support by various craft beer brewers.  Not only were there 5 presentations by working brewers, there were at least seven brewers at the event through the day.  Presenters were:
– Ben Krause (Bridge Road Brewers)
– Josh Uljans (Moon Dog)
– Ian Watson (Fortitude Brewing)
– Ian Morgan (Holgate Brewing)
– Wade Curtis (4 Hearts Brewing)
Also in attendance was Simeon Bonetti, new brewer at Brewhouse Brisbane, and Harley Goodacre and his team from Brisbane’s newest brewery, All Inn.  Every one of them was passionate about their beers and was more than happy to have a quiet one or two and talk to any attendee that wanted to come up and have a chat.  Perhaps, because historically it’s been a working man’s beverage, there is no elitism and snobbery with beer.  All our brewers were great guys and someone you would happily have a few drinks with at a barby.  Thanks guys for coming and making this a great event.
If you would like to see some more photos of the day, click through here and check out some snaps of a great event!

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