Announcing… Ballistic Beers.

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog. There’s lots of reasons why, from some major changes in my life to simply not getting around to it. One of the major reasons is that as of the beginning of this year, I have been setting up a brewery – Ballistic Beer Co. It will be up and running at the end of the year and I have been flat out working with my brewer to get everything done. So, I have been somewhat distracted. The other aspect of setting up the brewery though was an ethical concern about writing reviews about beers from companies that would soon be my competitors. It’s one thing to laud a great beer, another to talk about which beers I did not like, even if they have always been personal views. So, my compromise is to write about great beers that I have tasted recently but leave those I am unhappy with, out of the blogs.
I’ll write more about the trials and tribulations of starting a brewery in other posts, so just a few details for those interested. The brewery will be in Salisbury, on the south side of Brisbane. The brewhouse will be a 2500 litre, 3 vessel steam system with a mix of 2500 and 5000 litre fermenters. We will, Brisbane City Council allowing, have a tap room attached to the brewhouse. The company name is Ballistic Beer Co. My brewer, Lachlan, received his training at Gage Roads in WA before doing a stint at Campden Town Brewing in London, immediately before it was bought out by one of the big multinationals. But more later.

Sacchrymyces Bar 2

Our excellent bartender Samantha.

My review for the week is the Saccharomyces Café in Fish Lane, just behind the Fox Hotel at South Brisbane. We had our monthly staff meeting there and had a very fine time. We actually did get our work done, thanks to the long tables set up in the centre of the bar that we could all sit at together. Once the work was over, it was up to the bar for a good season of beers. Being so soon after GABS, Saccharomyces had a wide range of GABs beers on tap. As has become the norm at GABS, we are not talking standard styles and flavours – Coffee and milk, tiramisu, gingerbread, jam donuts, … It was actually a little difficult to get a good regular beer. Fortunately, there were two standouts on tap.

If you have read my other blogs, you will know that I constantly seek a good lager. Lagers are not a favourite of most craft breweries and finding one that is really satisfying is hard. The Akasha Tradewind Lager however, was a great beer, full of flavour yet still light and easy to drink. Great work, Dave Padden.


Our web-shop guru Jeremy.

The second beer I rated was the Mornington Peninsula Indefatigable Triple IPA. This was a cracking beer, full of flavour and very satisfying. The only downside to this beer was the cost – after buying three rounds of 8 beers at 11%, I had to pawn my watch to pay for it! Well, not really and it was worth every cent. A great beer, though we did have one no-show the next morning and a couple of woolly heads around the company!
As for the bar itself – great staff, especially Samantha, a knowledgeable and delightful young lady serving us. While I wasn’t a fan of having GABS beers on nearly all the taps, it did give us a chance to try some very different beers and it says a heap about the bar that they have access to these beers and are prepared to put them on. It’s a really nice space and would make a great late afternoon watering hole. Proximity to the train and bus stations also is a very big plus. I will certainly be going back there again soon.

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