My Experience at BeerMatt’s Masterclass

Brewers Choice ran a Facebook competition asking followers to post their favourite beer or beer ingredients for the chance to win a ticket to BeerMatt’s Introduction to Beer Masterclass held on the 5th of April.  We caught up with Scott S (the winner) afterwards and asked him about his experience at BeerMatt’s Masterclass.

Matt is a passionate advocate for craft beer and devotes is life to educating people about the joys of quality beers.  Matt has an exceptional palate and is able to simply define beers and the foods they go with.  Matt is the editor of the leading on-line beer blog – Australian Brews News ( ).  If you want to stay abreast of what is happening in the craft beer world, subscribe to Matt’s blog.

Can you give us a quick run-down of the afternoon?

The afternoon was aimed as an introduction to beer appreciation.  We were served five pairs of beers, each having its own theme.

1. Ales vs. Lagers (Munich Helles and Sparking Ale)

2. Yeast (Belgian Wit and Saision)

3. Malt (ESB/Scotch Ale)

4 Hops (IPA/APA)

5 Dessert (Smoked Stout/Dry Stout)

Each pair of beers was matched with food.  During each tasting, Matt would discuss brewing ingredients and various facets of the brewing process, taking questions as he went along.

What was Matt Kirkegaard (aka. BeerMatt) like?

Matt was an excellent presenter.  You could tell he had a passion for beer and an appreciation for the art and science behind making beer.

Favourite brew or brew/food combination you tried on the day?

My favourite beer/food combination was definitely dessert.  A Frangelico and espresso affogato matched with a smoked stout and a dry stout.  I had no idea you could have beer with dessert.

Best tip/advice that you learnt from Matt?

You like what you like.

Favourite part of the Masterclass?

Food/beer matching ideas.

Overall would you recommend it to your friends and other beer lovers?

Yes I would recommend it to others, it really is designed for people who have not tried too many beer styles and would like to experience and learn more about what is out there.  All grain brewers will find some of the brew talk a little redundant as it designed for people with no brewing experience.  It would be excellent to take a group to.

I would like to thank Brewer’s Choice for giving me the opportunity to experience this session.  I really enjoyed it.

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