Brewsvegas launch

This is a somewhat overdue write-up of the launch of Brewsvegas, the week-long celebration of craft beer in Brisbane that is on this week.  I attended the launch breakfast on Sunday at Tipplers’ Taps and a great launch it was too.  The Tippler’s chefs did some beautiful meals.  I had blood pudding flavoured croquets which tasted lovely and had none of those dark, scary blood-pudding looks about them.  I was at a table of social media people who are making a name for themselves writing about beer, which says something about how the industry is developing and the interest in craft beer from your average punter.

The real take-away from the morning however, was the good will and willingness to share and support each other and work together for a common good – the growth of craft beer – something rarely seen in any other industry.  After breakfast, I headed to BOSC with Emily, one of the owners, who talked to me about the amount of support she had received from Day 1 from other beer bars around town.  It’s no wonder craft beer is growing so rapidly when there is such a collection of mutual good will and willingness to work together.

At BOSC, I sampled some of the delicacies offered by Beerkary, a group of guys who make food that is either flavoured with beer or perfect for eating with beers – beer flavoured macaroons, kangaroo sausages, spanner crab croissant and a whole range of other delicacies.  If you see these guys appearing at a bar near you, I recommend you drop in (click this link for their Facebook page  I left the heaving BOSC (and it was only just lunch time) and headed down the road to Archive for beer pong.

Beer pong is a simple game involving bouncing ping pong balls into cups at the other end of a table.  Ho-hum, I thought, but anything sponsored by 4 Pines is not likely to be boring.  I meet up with Jarrod, the owner of 4 Pines and had a chat to him while they set up the tables.  These are specially designed tables for the event. Jarrod assures me he has used them at various beer events and it goes off like a frog in a sock.  Sure enough, there were over 40 teams registered and looked like it was going to be a big afternoon.

I had a quick chat to Jarrod about the Calypso beer I reviewed a week or so ago.  He made no excuses and said it had been a learning experience for them.  Beer that tastes great off tap (like the Calypso) does not always translate so well into bottles. And long-term 4 Pines supporters generally were looking for something new and punchy, where Calypso had worked wonders with new drinkers seeking something not too challenging. He was thinking about the need to grade craft along the same lines as movies.  A bottle labelled with “G” (General audience) rating wold be a great bridging beer, “M” for more mature craft beer drinkers that want some real flavour, and beware the “XXX” unless you like your head blown off with high alcohol and a bucket full of hops.  Not a bad idea!

Final stop for the day was Hoo-Ha bar, at the back end of South Bank, behind the Institute of Technology.  It was at this point that I noticed a) I was getting a little worse for wear, and b) I was getting a little old!  A bar for the younger folk with someone playing discs in the back ground and a lot of young 20-somethings with interesting hair do’s and tatts!

That was just 4 bars in half a day, all doing something for Brewsvegas.  All up, there are 40 bars holding 90 events.  The week is already half over, but there is still plenty of beery fun to be had.  Get on line and see what is up for the rest of the week.  I’m out tonight checking on the action and I hope I catch up with you somewhere.

Cheers David

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