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Every man’s dream…nearly – XXXX Brewery

December 16, 2015

Recently, I received an invitation to attend an event that nearly every re-blooded Queensland male would give one of his proverbials for.  In the interests of performing my professional duties fully, though with some trepidation, I accepted the invitation and turned up at the venue as instruBted. So, what was the event you ask?  I Read More →


They just don’t get it! – Yenda Pale and and Sail & Anchor IPA

December 16, 2015

Yenda Pale and and Sail & Anchor IPA I have had some good beers and some not so good beers this week.  The good ones I will leave to a later blog.  Today is about the not-so-good.  I know it’s easy to be precious about ‘our’ craft beer industry – it’s something I am passionate Read More →