All grain mashing instructions

All-Grain Brewing – Getting Started

Brewing beer from scratch is not hard, but it does require time and some specialised equipment. Once you’ve got that, and a recipe perhaps, all you need are a few quick instructions, and here they are:

All grain mashing instructions
Pour 10 litres (or as per recipe) of very hot water into your mash-tun (eski). Using a thermometer to measure, add the grain when the water temperature has dropped to 70°c [strike temperature]. The temperature should then drop to approx 65°c [optimal mash temperature]. Stir the mash and break up any “dough-balls” that may have formed. Adjust the temperature to 65°c, using hot or cold water if necessary. Seal the tun and leave for 60 minutes. Boil another 10 litres of water for the next step.

After 60 minutes, stir another 10 litres of hot boiled water into your mash-tun. This should raise the temperature to approx 75°c [mash-out temperature]. Allow to settle for 15 minutes. Boil another 10 litres of water and set aside to cool.

Slowly draw off 1 litre of liquid from the mash-tun tap, and gently pour it back on top of the mash [referred to as recirculating] without agitating the grains. Pour slowly (20 seconds for 1 litre) and repeat as many times as necessary until the wort running from the tap is clear. When the wort is clear, run it all into the Brew Kettle.

Gently ladle another 10 litres of boiled water [sparge water] into the mash tun being careful not to stir up the mash. (The mash should get no hotter than 80°c). Run the wort into the Brew Kettle, stopping when you have 26 litres in the kettle.

Boil the wort vigorously for at least 60 minutes, adding hops for bittering, flavour and aroma at appropriate times (refer to recipe for quantities and timing of hop additions).

Cool the wort using a chiller, or by draining it (don’t splash) into a clean settling cube and allowing it to cool down overnight [no-chill method]. The no-chill method uses heat to pasteurize the container so squeeze out as much air as you can, and allow the hot liquid to touch all surfaces (lay the cube on its sides for 30 minutes).

You now have home-made Fresh Wort. Once it’s cooled, splash it into a clean and sanitised fermenter, add healthy yeast, and ferment at the correct temperature. Easy!


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